Maurice and Katia Kraft – French volcanologists

In May 1991 the Japanese volcano Unzen on the island of Kyushu started to erupt gently . This attracted the daredevil husband and wife team of Maurice and Katia Kraft, two French volcanologists who were the best volcano film-makers ever.

The small dome that first appeared within the crater did not seem at all threatening, but it grew, and pyroclastic flows started to pour over the edge of the crater. these can be extremely dangerous – they consist of gas and rock at up to 1,000°C travelling at up to 700Km/hour.

By 3 June 1991, they were running down gullies visible from the plateau where the Krafts and 41 journalists were standing to observe them, but a bigger eruption produce a more gaseous ‘surge’ which spread outwards, killing all 43 people.

Maurice is also famous for saying on this National Geographic video, the day bfeore he was killed:

“I am never afraid because I have seen so much eruptions in 23 years that even if I die tomorrow, I don’t care”,

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